KRISS.AI - Your Website's AI Dental Chatbot Solution

KRISS.AI offers an innovative AI dental chatbot solution for your website. Our AI dental assistant enhances patient engagement and streamlines communication for dentists. With our chatbot for dentists, your dental website becomes more interactive and user-friendly, improving the overall patient experience. Explore the future of dental practice with KRISS.AI today.

Who Can Chat With KRISS.AI?

AI Dental Chatbot


For questions about dental concerns and treatment options


Clinical Decision Support & Document Assistance


Continuous Learning for Dental Education And Training


For questions about billing, coding, and insurance

How KRISS.AI Works

KRISS.AI works by leveraging advanced Aritificial Intelligence (AI) technology to interact with patients, doctors, and office staff in a dynamic manner


Choose the plan that fits your practice needs. Our standard plan is full of benefits for every person in your dental office - from the patient to the dentist. Our premium plan will be launching soon with more invaluable tools for the doctor and the office staff.


Work with your local rep and a KRISS.AI onboarder to ensure KRISS knows every important detail about your practice. What insurance do you take? What equipment do you have? The KRISS.AI team will train KRISS so she answers your patients the way you want her to, every time.


KRISS.AI is ready to answer patient questions about treatments, practitioner questions about clinical situations, and team questions about billing, coding, and insurance. Natural language processing creates a human-like conversation, enhancing the patient’s experience.


KRISS.AI can significantly benefit your dental office in several ways

24/7 Patient Experience

Unlike traditional chatbots, KRISS.AI interacts dynamically with patients, understanding unique questions & concerns. KRISS.AI answers questions outside normal office hours, enhancing customer experience & satisfaction.

Reduce Office Workload

KRISS handles customer inquiries to allow your staff to focus their efforts on in-office customers and tasks. She can assist with clinical notes and insurance narratives to further improve office efficiency.

Grow Your Practice

KRISS.AI increases the number of scheduled appointments by improving patient trust and case acceptance rates. Personalized customer interaction reduces website abandonment, growing your customer base while increasing sales and revenue.

Expert Resource

Whether a practitioner has a question about procedures or a team member has questions about billing and coding, KRISS.AI will serve as an expert resource, providing accurate answers in an instant.

See KRISS.AI at work

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As a busy dentist, patient engagement is crucial yet time-consuming. With the help of the AI chatbot, we’ve streamlined appointment scheduling, dental inquiries, & follow-up care. This technology has incredibly reduced our administrative workload, allowing us to focus more on providing top-notch oral care to our patients. It’s like having an extra pair of hands that work 24/7!

Dr. Vu

A General Dentist in
Houston, TX

Integrating an AI chatbot into our dental practice has dramatically enhanced our patient service. It instantly addresses patient questions, offering them convenient and comprehensive responses. Our patients are happier with the quick, around-the-clock assistance, and our staff is relieved from the constant ringing of phones. It’s a win-win solution for us!

Dr. Tran and Dr. Nguyen

Cosmetic Dentists Located in Memorial City, TX

Plans & Pricing

Standard Plan


$500 Setup Fee

KRISS.AI provides 24/7 
personalized and dynamic 
responses to patient queries, helping 
to educate them about their 
treatments, address their concerns 
in real-time, and ultimately increase 
case acceptance rates.

An AI-powered clinical note writer 
designed to assist dentists in 
creating detailed, accurate, and 
efficient clinical notes, insurance 
narratives, or any other written 
documents required in a dental 

This feature helps the dental team 
answer clinical questions by 
providing accurate, real-time 
responses based on a deep 
understanding of dental 
terminologies and treatments, 
thereby reducing their workload and 
allowing them to focus more on 
patient care.

KRISS.AI can assist with supply and 
equipment questions by providing 
detailed information about various 
dental tools, materials, and 
equipment, including their uses, 
maintenance guidelines, and best 
practices, helping to streamline 
operations and ensure optimal use 
of resources in a dental practice.

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